Suspended Wire Pendant Lighting

From glamorously graceful to funky and fun, suspended wire pendant lighting can make a delightfully desirable impact on almost any home decor scheme. Hung from the ceiling by chains or rods, this type of lighting works well in nearly any room of the home where one can be attached with enough headroom to prevent bumping into it.

Go-Anywhere Lighting

Used as task lighting in the kitchen, for example, suspended pendant lighting does its job beautifully over countertops, sinks, and cooking areas. Hung staggered over an area in a row of three or more (always use odd-numbered groupings for visual aesthetics) gives you a choice of lighting power over an area while attaching them all in an evenly hung row makes for a dramatic style effect.

Of course, for general purposes, pendant lighting lends an air of unique style as well as providing light. One special way designers employ pendant lighting is to hang it from the ceiling directly over a nightstand next to a bed or over an end table in a game room, living room, or den area. This not only frees up space on the table surface, but also provides an unusual lighting method that packs a tastefully stylistic punch to the decor.

Ways to Control Light Intensity

Adding dimmer switches to both general and task lighting provided from suspended wire gives yet another control option. By adjusting the intensity of light, one can easily go from a well-lit area necessary for cooking, writing, reading, or other jobs to that of a soft radiance great for relaxing.

Hung from thirty-two to forty inches above a surface allows plenty of room to avoid knocking into suspended lighting while also giving it enough hanging allowance to properly show off its attributes. Of course, if using such lighting to perform detailed work such as reading or cooking, the light can be hung lower. Some models even come with easily adjustable rods or chains to raise and lower the height at your convenience.

A Style for Every Taste & Functionality

Choices abound in suspended wire pendant lighting designs and styles. Classically inspired lamps like Tiffany and mission, arts & crafts, Tuscan, and Venetian appeal to those wanting a traditional or transitional look to their rooms. Others prefer the bold modern look of brushed chrome and stainless steel in urban contemporary and 1950s retro looks. Whimsical motifs span the range from racing cars, motorcycles, and quaint bi-planes that make a childs room light upà in more ways than one to art nouveau pieces simulating such eye-catching nature themes as lighted tree branches or elegantly draping daylilies.

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