Wireless Driveway Monitor

Security should be a major priority for all homeowners these days. With major crime issues being present all over the world, everyone has to take their own personal security seriously in addition to protecting belongings and property.

One way to protect you, your family and your home is to invest in a high quality wireless driveway monitor. Most homes just have an alarm system but you can actually protect the perimeter of your property as well as the inside of your home by using a comprehensive system.

What are Wireless Driveway Monitors?

The wireless driveway monitor is essentially a system that monitors movement on your driveway so every time someone crosses onto your property you will know about it. Essentially, it is an alarm system for your driveway. When movement is detected, a signal is transmitted via a sensor to an alarm panel within the house. The alarm will alert you so that you are fully aware of someone arriving, whether invited or uninvited, and can take the appropriate action.

Many individuals think that the wireless driveway monitor is designed for large houses with huge areas of property around them but this does not have to be the case. In fact, smaller houses are just as at risk as larger houses. As such, you can actively protect your home regardless of its size and composition.

Another concern relating to the wireless driveway monitor is that it will alert you if a cat strays across your driveway but you can actually choose for the sensor not to register if creatures of less than 40lbs cross your path, literally.

Choosing Your Components

Now you know what a wireless driveway monitor is, you should choose the components of your own system wisely. You can choose to have a variety of sensors and transmitters on your property, whether by the driveway or around the rest of your property.

You need to choose sensors that have the correct range for the length of your drive because having them that reach any further will actually alert you when someone is on the road. You should make sure that you are fully aware of how the sensors work too.

The wireless driveway monitor has to have transmitters and sensors but you can choose to have other components fitted in the same system. For example, you can choose to have a security light attached to the alarm so when movement triggers the sensors, the light will come on as well. Similarly, you can also choose to have a monitor installed complete with a CCTV camera so that you can easily refer to the camera in order to see who is moving about your property.

The elements you choose for your wireless driveway monitor depend on two things – your own specifications and requirements being the first and your budget being the second. It is important to remain within your budget as far as possible because you can always add elements to your system later, especially if you are building your own system rather than installing one that you have bought intact.

Whatever you ultimately choose, it should bring you the peace of mind that you want and need in order to believe that your home and family are completely safe no matter what. After all, that is the aim of such systems.