Wireless Light Switches

Wireless Light Residential wireless light switches are to the 2000s what dimmer switches were to the 1970s; one of the must have gadgets. Almost as easy to fit as they are to operate, wireless light switches do much more than just solve the problem of having to get out of your chair to turn a light on or off.

Installing wireless light switches is unbelievably easy. All you need to do is remove the old rocker or dimmer switch fitting and replace it with the new wireless light switching unit and connect it to the live and switched live wires. Two-way and even three-way switching can be set up between switching points and, if you want to have dimmers on the lights, plug-in wireless dimmer adaptors can be bought to integrate with the system.

Operating Wireless Light Switches

When the wireless light switches have been fitted they are, of course, turned on and off by a remote control unit. The remote control unit can be programmed to operate the light switches in several rooms and to create different lighting effects.

Programming the remote control to operate lights will require you to press buttons on the light switch panels and on the remote control unit - so that the remote control ‘knows’ which light to turn on or off when a particular button is pressed. The wireless light switch remote control will usually operate at up to 50 feet from a switch. If greater distances are required - booster adaptor plugs can be employed.


Not everyone likes leaving on their porch light or external security lights when they go out for the evening. It is rather a give-away to any burglars that you’re not in! Having remote light switches as you approach your porch or driveway - you can activate the lights at just the right time. Suppose you were in bed and heard an unexpected noise - if there was anyone prowling about outside they’d get the shock of their lives to suddenly see all the lights in your home come on instantaneously, having used your remote control!

How many times have you gone to bed only to start thinking - now then, did I turn off the kitchen light? No worries if you’re not sure; and no need to get out of bed, just press the ‘off’ button on the remote to be reassured that the light really is off.

If you’ve got a home cinema system what’s worse than everyone being settled down ready to enjoy the movie, only for someone to have to get up and operate the lights, tumbling over chairs and people in the dark. With wireless light switches - just stay where you are, press a button and the light can dim down or up.

If you’re having a party or friends over, you can use the remote light switch to alter the lighting and mood of your rooms - all at the touch of a button. Finally, of course, there is the huge benefit that having wireless light switches can be for elderly or infirm people. For anyone where mobility or poor sight might be an issue; being able to operate the lights with a hand-held remote control can give them both a sense of independence and control.

Photo by shuttermonkey, Creative Commons Attribution License