Wood Deck Designs

The primary consideration in wood deck designs is safety. It's no good installing a gorgeous new deck to the exterior of your home, then inviting a dozen people over for a party to christen it, and having everyone drop through the floor and perish. That's no way to ensure your guests have a good time.

For safety's sake, wood deck designs have to provide for a deck that is adequately supported, adequately attached to the house and that meets all the construction engineering and housing code specifications. That means, the deck has to be able to support your area's snow load, wind load, seismic activity and rainfall rates.

Don't skimp on materials or know-how; building a deck that's safe and well constructed is a matter of getting the right information, buying the right materials and having it all put together professionally.

Having touched on the boring - but totally necessary - aspect of wood deck designs, you can now let your imagination wander and create something wonderful.

Do I have to match the house's exterior?

You bet! If your home is in the style of a Spanish villa, with whitewashed walls, interesting ceramic details and terracotta roofing, you can't expect wood deck designs to be totally complementary. You're going to have to customize or blend the two styles cleverly. Your designer will be able to help you with that.

Can I improve the look of our old patio?

Of course! You can conceal that old ugly concrete patio with some gorgeous wood deck designs. There's no need to demolish the old concrete structure. As long as it's in sound condition, you can install the wood facade and flooring to look like it was designed like that in the first place.

What can we add to the wood deck to make it a cool place to hang out?

What's your personality? Who lives there? What's the environment like? You can find plenty of elements to add to your existing wood deck designs to make it a highly individualized space for you and your family. Try a hot tub for a great excuse to stay outdoors even in cooler weather.

Consider installing a heating system, barbecue or built-in braziers. How about an integrated swing seat? You can add retractable awnings, pull-down shades or lattice work for extra security and protection from the sun.

Where is the best place to add the deck?

Ideally, you'd want your wood deck designs to incorporate casual living areas so that your deck can be an extension of entertaining spaces. Or, if you want something private, you might like to add a smaller deck off the master bedroom and enjoy reading or relaxing out there late in the evening.

Can I draw the designs myself?

You can definitely come up with the look and feel of the wood deck designs yourself but as mentioned previously, you need to comply with the building codes in your area to ensure the safest structure. A professional deck designer is your best bet because he will know all the requirements that need to be met, and he can give you some fantastic design ideas that will make your deck fit perfectly into your lifestyle.

Wood deck designs depend on where you live, the kind of lifestyle you have and the structure of the existing building. It's not a weekend job nor is it a simple home handyman job, but with the right advice and guidance from the appropriate professionals, you can certainly play a big part in its design and construction.

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