Wood Deck Material List

It is summer time and its time for outdoor grilling, entertaining and fun in the hot summer sun. But you can’t. You have the grill and the dogs. You have the charcoal and the sodas. The kids are waiting and the wife is greeting guests. But you don’t have a deck! Why did you invite so many people if you couldn’t accommodate them?

Maybe you should have planned ahead and built a deck BEFORE you had people over for the biggest cookout of the year. That would have been the smart move. Well, you put the kids to bed sent the guests home, put the food away and you are setting down with one cold soda and a piece of paper. You need to make a wood deck material list so you can get to building. What do you need?

The Deck List

Well you have got to decide how big you want you deck to be. The size will affect the amount of material of course. You opt for a deck that is 12 foot by 10 foot. You have decided the size now the first item on your list should be wood. To build a simple 12 x 10 foot deck you will need the following wood pieces:

    10 2x6x10 foot CCA Treated Floor Joists

    2 2x6x12 foot CCA Treated Band Boards

    2 2x8x12 foot CCA Treated Beam at Posts

    1 6x6x12 foot CCA Treated Post(s) cut into 2 lengths

These are the rough starting pieces for the deck frame. The finishing wood is as follows:

    22 5/4 x 6 x 12 CCA Decking Deck Boards

    70 2x2x 42 inch CCA Pickets Railing Pickets

    32 Lineal Feet 2×6 Railing

The cost of this wood depends on what types of wood you want and how you wanted it to look. Treated wood is always more expensive but it is a must for deck building to resist the elements. Also wood prices go up if you chose a different type of wood like redwood. Your list is underway. With all of this wood, what are you going to use to nail it all up?

The next things on your list should be these:

    5 80 LB. Bags Concrete (To plant beams in the ground)

    6 1/2 inch x 8 inch Carriage Bolts (Bolts for Band Board at house)

    4 1/2 inch x 6 inch Carriage Bolts (Bolts for Beam at Posts)

    10 2×6 Single Joist Hangers (Attach Joists to House Band)

    1 Box Galvanized Joist Hanger Nails (Attach Joist Hangers)

    15 LBS. 16 CC Galvanized Ringed Nails (Nail joists, beam, etc.)

    15 LBS. 2 1/2 inch Galvanized Screws (Decking Screws)

You have your list for the deck you want to build. You are amazed at yourself because you came up with such precise numbers on your list on the fly like this. But you are sure these are the right amounts for your deck .

If you decide you want a bigger deck be prepared to add more and more quantity to the list of items you have now. It is now time to trick your friends into coming over and helping you build your new deck. The lure of food is always a great resource gathering tool. When they show up to your house with their hand out, put a hammer in it and direct them out back. The sooner they finish the sooner they can eat.