Building a Wood Deck over Concrete Patio

There are several ways in which you can build a wood deck over a concrete patio, none of which take very long to complete. It’s a task that can be done in a day, and will certainly jazz up and old, concrete patios that have begun to look worn or simply aren’t giving the desired aesthetic effect to your backyard. After all, as functional as a concrete patio may be to begin with, once it starts looking old, it can really throw off the rest of your yard space. Try one of these easy solutions to build yourself a wood deck overtop the concrete patio.

Wood Deck Solution #1

- With your saw, rip some packing strips from treated lumber, at the thickness that you’ll need to be able to pack the decking boards so that they’re level on the old concrete patio. These should be placed down in a line, moving outward from the joists.

- The decking should be fixed down with ¼” anchor wedge screws, or something that’s very similar. Holes of the same size will have to be drilled, moving all the way through the decking, the packing, and down into the concrete – use a masonry bit for this part.

- Countersink the holes so that the heads of the screws aren’t in your way. Get the anchor wedges into these drilled holes, and tighten them up.

- Check to make sure that your decking is not touching the concrete, and also check that any water that sits on the concrete patio is able to drain away from the decking.

Wood Deck Solution #2

- Make some channels right inside the concrete patio, creating lines that continue out from the joists. Each channel should be deep and wide enough to be able to take in a piece of 2x2 lumber.

- If you’re near a local hardware store, rent an electric kango – this will create the channels quickly and safely.

- Place down your treated joists, right inside the channels at the correct height. If you need to pack them to get this done, do so, and the fix them to the patio using either anchor wedges or galvanized dynobolts.

- Once these are in place, you can lay down the decking according to Solution #1. Again, make sure that the decking does not touch the concrete, and make sure the any water that gets onto the concrete patio is able to drain off.

Wood Deck Solution #3

- First, cut yourself the trim boards you’ll need to wrap around the concrete, using a circular saw. Counterbore some holes inside of the trim with a ½” spade bit.

- To the back of the trim, apply foam adhesive, and run a bead of hot glue along the miter joints. Press this trim board down onto the concrete patio.

- Drill more holes through the counterbores, and get into the concrete for your masonry anchors.

- Attach the trim boards directly onto to the concrete patio, using masonry anchors – tap these into place with a hammer, and complete the task with a nail setter.

- Take a ½” diameter plug cutter and a drill, and cut plugs from your trim. These plugs can then be installed into your counterbored holes with a hot glue gun, and the plugs should be trimmed flush to the surface with a chisel.

- Attach your decking onto the top of the concrete patio, using those same masonry anchors. Make sure each anchor is concealed by using a plug that’s been cut from one of your decking boards.