Wood Deck Plans

Creating an outdoor leisure area is more than simply laying a floor down where there happens to be some space. Wood deck plans are what you consult to discover new ideas and trends in outdoor entertainment and how to apply it to your own lifestyle.

If you are a really social family and love to have gangs of friends over for barbecues or casual breakfasts, you will want a different kind of deck to another family who keeps to themselves and wants the ultimate in privacy to enjoy relaxing under the sun in a swimsuit or a couple who lives for romantic dinners for two.

Whatever your lifestyle, there are wood deck plans already created with you and your family in mind, and you can always customize according to any special requirements you have, from accommodating a family member who finds steps difficult to negotiate, to incorporating a full outdoor kitchen.

Choosing a Deck that Works

One of the most important considerations when choosing wood deck plans is that you want your new deck to fit with the style of the existing house, not to look like a tragic add-on that was picked from a catalogue, shipped to the address and nailed into place by inexperienced workers. You want to be able to look at your house and feel that it was always meant to look like that, that the deck is an integral part of the aesthetics.

What to consider before looking at wood deck plans

Buying a deck may seem as simple as buying a dress off the rack, and it can be, but you still need to match up the possible choices with what will work on your home.

    1. How will you use your deck?
    2. How many people will you need to accommodate on it at any one time?
    3. Is there enough room for the size you want, in the location where you want the deck?
    4. Do you want a single level or multi-level deck?
    5. Is the need for privacy important? Will you need screening around the deck?
    6. Which interior rooms will you need to access from your deck?
    7. Where are the views surrounding your house best?
    8. Will the deck location be able to take advantage of the views?
    9. What kinds of safety considerations are there? Do you have children or pets to keep securely inside on the deck?
    10. Will there be a need for elevation beneath the deck?
    11. Is the terrain beneath the deck suitable for building upon? How level is it?
    12. Is electricity connection required to the deck?

Don't forget your budget

You also need to determine the materials you would like to use, have an idea of the style you'd like and come up with some dimensions. Wood deck plans can accommodate every budget so it's also important that you decide what your upper limit is and work backwards from there.

You can hire a designer to draw up wood deck plans for you to your custom requirements but this can be hugely expensive, especially if you don't do your homework in advance. Take along a wish list of ideas with you so the professional can incorporate them as well as possible and give you a ballpark figure of how much it will cost.

Wood deck plans are aplenty on the Internet and you can eliminate the need for a great deal of footwork simply by browsing the range of styles and sizes, and keeping a scrapbook of what suits your wishes.

Stay onside with the building inspector

Lastly, consult your local authorities on any requirements they will impose before you can build your deck. You can look through as many wood deck plans as you like but if your council will not approve your choice, or if they will require expensive application fees, you may have to rethink from scratch.

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