Wood Fence Styles Dress Up Your Yard

A fence is not just a physical barrier between your house and your neighbor's. It's a decorative, aesthetic feature of your home that should fit with the look of the house and garden. Wood fence styles have come a long way since the white picket fence of yesteryear, though the style is still hugely popular. You might like to consider, instead, one of the myriad other wood fence styles mentioned below.

Lattice top

The addition of lattice at the top of a picket fence is very decorative while still permitting privacy and security in the body. While some wood fence styles offer decoration or privacy, this one affords both.

Picket styles

Requesting a picket fence isn't as simple as you might think. There are variations on the theme and it is one of those wood fence styles that is easily adapted to suit your requirements. A spaced picket allows climbing plants to grab hold of the palings; perfect for passionfruit vines or ivy. It also allows viewing of your pretty garden from outside the yard. Or, you can choose to have the pickets spaced more closely together, have the tops cut in dog ear or gothic style or sawn flush with each other.

Post and rail

If ranch living strikes a chord with you, post and rail will appeal. Don't look for any particular functionality; unless you have horses you want to keep in! It is, however, one of the few wood fence styles that's simply for setting a "mood", in this case, a western ranch feel.

Basket weave

Basket weave fences are a throwback to the eighties, but still have a place today. One of the simple to erect wood fence styles, basket weave is excellent for securing privacy for your property.

These are just a few of the wood fence styles commonly available, but you are limited only by your imagination. Not only can you choose different styles, but also a variety of woods with which to construct your fence, and then you can paint it or stain it to match your house.

Be sure to shop around in order to learn what you can about installing your fence so that it will last for years and while you're at it, you'll see styles you may not have considered, or you can create a hybrid to suit your tastes.

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