Wood Patio Covers

For a beautiful, natural way to enhance your outdoor experience, you can't go wrong with wood patio covers. Although vinyl patio covers may offer the convenience of not having to be painted, they just cannot compare to the comfortable ambience and back-to-nature feel that's inherent in an all-wood product.

As a usable, cost-effective method of adding more living area to your home, a wood patio cover makes it possible to enjoy the simple, yet exquisite, pleasures of life. With a patio cover you can do things you couldn't without one like comfortably enjoying a cup of morning coffee outdoors, sitting outside and enjoying a gentle spring rain, or having friends over for an afternoon barbecue in the shade.

Although many people choose the relative inexpensiveness of pine to build a wood patio cover, others choose from the wide range of hardwoods available. It's up to you, of course, to decide upon a budget and how long you not only desire, but also expect your wood patio cover to last. It stands to reason a cover made from oak will outlast a pine-wood patio cover by many years, but if you're planning on moving, this may not be a factor in your decision. If this is your final, permanent home, however, you might want to give some serious thought into selecting a hardwood building material that will last as long or longer than you.

Plans for wood patio covers abound with just a quick online Internet search. Prices for them vary, too, so it's important to spend a while checking out as many sites as possible to find a good plan at a reasonable price. Of course, the alternative lies in hiring a contractor to build the cover for you. If you've done the smart thing and gotten a warranty, the extra expense of hiring someone may very well pay off in the long run if something goes wrong.

So congratulations on deciding on a wood patio cover! Now that that's behind you, isn't it time you started thinking about what you're going to sit on while you are out there? Hmmm... Maybe furniture for a porch would be a great idea.

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