Wood Working Router

Wood work is comparatively easier nowadays, with the help of modern tools and equipment. Woodwork is faster as well as easier, as far as crafting the wood according to special needs and taste. One of the essential tools is the wood working router, which is such a good invention that it is needed by every professional wood craftsman or artisan, especially those who make more complicated products like fine furniture.

Router Benefits

Essentially a wood working router allows a woodworker add unique details and personalization to their wood crafting projects in a faster and easier. By unique details and personalization I'm talking the design, the sculpting and the decorations you do on your wood. A wood working router also helps to make more accurate wood joints, in comparison with other traditional wood joint making methods.

New! Porter-Cable 893PK Router Package
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New! Porter-Cable 893PK Router Package New! Porter-Cable 893PK Router Package

Router Buying

A router is a fairly expensive piece of machinery. It is purchased by professionals willing to invest in their business to make their work look better, more professional and sell more. Buying one takes some consideration, both as to what kind of power you need to use, and what price range you are looking at.

The first thing that anyone should think of when buying a wood working router from a hardware shop or online, are the comfort and the convenience of the router. Comfort here refers to using the router and how comfortable you are working with it. Experts say that you should always test drive a router when you go to the store.

Evaluate the convenience of the router you're looking at, in terms of your productivity. One of the main things to test on the router is the grip, whether it is solid and you feel good holding it. Next, see if the weight of the router is suitable to your body and whether it's manageable for you or not. This is quite important since generally most of the wood working routers that are commercially used are heavy and bulky.

Don't just go for the highest horsepower and most well-known brand name, also check out the controls, whether you can reach them easily or not. Horsepower needed depends on the type of wood you work on and scale of the project; generally higher powered routers can be used for both light and heavier jobs, but not the other way around. So think ahead to future projects.

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