Wood Working Table Saw Tips

A wood working table saw is an essential tool for all woodworkers. It is so important to woodworking that the purchase of a wood working table saw should be made before the other woodworking tools. There are different things to consider when purchasing a wood working table saw. Below are a few handy tips.

Importance of a Wood Working Table Saw

A wood working table saw is essentially the basic centerpiece of any wood crafter’s workshop. The wood working table saw is extremely versatile piece of equipment to have.

Projects become much easier utilizing this tool. For example, a wood working table saw can be used for ripping, squaring, mitering, grooving, shaping and even joining pieces.


There are various sizes of wood working table saws available on the market. It is important to measure the area in the work shop prior to making a purchase. You do not want to get one that is so big that you do not have room to move around and maneuver within the work shop.


Different saws come with different features and thus different price tags. Since this going to be the center focus of your woodworking projects, it is imperative not to cut corners because of pricing. Take the time to save up some extra money to purchase a high quality wood working table saw.


Your new wood working table saw will need to have the blades replaced periodically depending on how much crafting you do. It is recommended to buy a few extra sets of blades to go with your new equipment when you purchase the actual tool. This will save you having to run to the hardware store in the middle of a project because you can change the blades that you pre-purchased.

Motor Quality

Motor quality is essential to a good wood working table saw. After all the motor is essentially the life of the machine. You will want to have a store clerk turn on a demonstration model for you to view in the store.

The motor should start with ease and have little no vibration at all. Additionally, check the horsepower of the motor. You need horse power that is strong enough for you to make strong and deep wood cutting on the harder woods.

Work Surface and Handle

Your equipment will be getting a great deal of use. The table area work surface should be heavy duty and smooth to work on. Additionally, there should be a sturdy handle for lifting and lowering the blade to the machine. The handle should also allow for blade adjustment and angling for cutting various projects to their pattern specifications.

Safety Equipment

Yes, a wood working table saw should come with safety equipment. There should definitely be a guard over the blade. Additionally, the power switch should be easily located and large. A good saw will have a switch that can be pushed off while you are busy cutting without having to use your hands. You can push the switch to turn off the saw with your knee.

Rip Fence Feature

A quality wood working table saw will have a rip fence feature with adjustment controls. The fencing allows for ripping with ease and securing sacrificial strips as needed to the fencing for rip projects. Some wood working table saws offer this as an additional feature and charge slightly more for a rip fence. However, it is important to have and well worth the investment.

Miter Gauge Feature

A miter gauge is needed to perform angled crosscuts. A good quality wood working table saw will have a grooved T in the table work area and the gauge will be visibly labeled or marked for angle setting. If the wood working table saw you are looking at does not have a miter gauge feature, you will want to find something better.