Wood Working Tools for Beginners

table saw wood working toolIn the grand scheme of things, not all woodworking tools are created equal. The thing to remember is that different wood working tools will accomplish different things. All wood workers do not need the same set of tools just as all athletes will wear the same style of shoes. If you know the type of woodworking you will be doing or that you are primarily interested in it will help greatly reduce your selection of tools among the masses.

Even more specifically, a hobbyist will need different tools than a professional carpenter or cabinetmaker would need. You will also need different tools for turning bowls and such than you would need for the process of making Adirondack furniture. I hope you understand what I am saying. The type of work you do will greatly influence the types of tools you will need in order to get the job done.

Basic Wood Working Tools

Despite the difference specialty tools you will need when working with wood, there are some basic tools that are considered all purpose when it comes to wood working and are appropriate for every wood workers tool belt. There is not room here to discuss in great detail every single tool that will greatly benefit those working with wood, but these are a pretty good place to begin.

Chisels are a must for every wood worker. These are actually quite versatile tools and great for any one who deals with general do it yourself type projects on a regular basis. I recommend that you do not go out and find the cheapest set of chisels you can place your hands on. A good quality set will serve you much better and last longer in the long run.

This will cost you less money, frustration, and sheer aggravation over time and will be used often enough to be well worth spending good money on. You should choose a set with enough variety in sizes to handle many different projects. Six sizes is a respectable set for general wood working tools.

Other tools that are vitally important wood working tools include the following: a good set of squares, a set of levels in varying lengths and sizes, tape measures (we can never seem to have too many of these, particularly since they all seem to have feet), and various hand saws according to your own taste.

The basics are what will get you started and you can build on your tools as you determine what your specific wood working interests are. These tools are very basic but also very important to most wood working tool belts that their importance is often overlooked or merely assumed in favor of providing information about the power tools that most people (particularly those living in the era of Tim Allen) find more intriguing.

Caring for your Wood Working Tools

In addition to making sure you have the necessary wood working tools, you should also take great care to make certain that you are properly caring for them after each use. This alone will extend the life and the service your tools will offer. These tools, particularly if you choose to make a living from your woodworking will be a huge lifeline and you must show them the proper care and attention. Aside from that, they are an investment and we should take great caution in protecting all of our investment not just our wood working tools.

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