Wooden Deck Lattice

A wooden deck lattice is a terrific solution to store yard items, small lawn equipment, bicycles and other small gardening tools. But how does a lattice store anything? It doesn’t.

However, you can place a wooden deck lattice under your deck to create an attractive deck base and hide anything that you want to store under your deck. You are literally building yourself a little mini-storage shed, so to speak, by putting a wooden deck lattice on the bottom of your deck area.

Offers Storage Space Under Decks

The best type of lattice to use for underneath your wooden deck is a plastic lattice. These are easy to clean and require no routine paint maintenance.

In addition, you can select a color that matches your home’s exterior color scheme and it will compliment your home and deck very nicely. The plastic
lattice will also not rot or gather unwanted insects such as carpenter bees.

Install Posts

The majority of lattice material is made in four foot by eight foot sheets. You will want to make sure that the posts beneath your wooden deck are four feet apart. If they are further apart you will have to add additional posts to install your under the wooden deck lattice.

Lattice Supports

The next step to creating under the wooden deck lattice for storage is to attach supports to the posts. These supports should be approximately two inches by two inches.

You can fix them onto the posts with exterior –deck screws that you can purchase at your local hardware dealer. You want to use screws that specifically for decks to have the best support.

Cut the Lattice Sections

With a sturdy circular saw you will want to actually cut the lattice into the appropriate size pieces that will fit onto the support pieces that you made in the previous step of this project. You will need a quarter inch seam allows to allow the plastic to contract and expand depending on the daily weather conditions.

U Shape Molding

Now that you have your posts and support pieces it is time to cut some U shaped molding to add to the project. You will want the molding to fit each section that is now created. Be certain to use an inside miter cut for each of the appropriate corners.

Most people find that a carbide-tipped saw blade is the easiest to use when cutting through plastic materials and is easier to keep control of the materials being cut.

Set Molding

Now that your molding is cut, you will want to snap the new molding pieces onto the actual lattice.

Final Installation

Your lattice is now ready to actually install beneath the wooden deck. You will want to drill pilot holes at the appropriate places through the molding.

Then you place the piece next to the support post and secure with exterior-deck screws.

Repeat the final installation step until the entire set of lattice pieces are securely mounted beneath your wooden deck. Some homeowners choose to leave one section open so that they can easily transport items back and forth beneath the wooden deck.