Wooden Stairways

Our homes have many different focal points. The window dressings, flooring and even front entrance are all parts of our home that draws attention when someone enters our property. A truly magnificent focal point for many homes is wooden stairways. Stairs attract the attention of members of the home, as well as visitors.

Easy Cleaning

Wooden stairways offer easy cleaning. In today’s society of constantly being busy and rushed from one activity to another having easy cleaning of stairs is very important. Wooden stairways are easy to lightly dust with a dust mop and even cover with runners.

Versatility in Wood Types

There is a great deal of versatility in the various types of woods that can be used for wooden stairways. This means that you can easily select wood types that will match the existing décor in your home.

There are darker woods, lighter woods and neutral color woods to use in your home for the stairs to complement and accent the rooms in your house.

Hand Railing

Another great feature for wooden stairways is all the various hand railings available. You can literally create different themes within your home by the types of hand railings that you select for the stairs. Railings offer more than just protection from falls and assistance in climbing stairways.

Hand railings do not have to always be wood. There are metal, fiberglass, marble, wood and more. You can create a Victorian theme, country theme, modern theme and more with the type of hand railing that you select for your stairway.

Spiral Stairways

There are several types of stairways available to choose from when selecting one to put into your home. This also gives you great versatility in designing your home and creating a look that is just perfect for your house’s structure and functionality.

Spiral stairways are extremely popular because they offer elegance and functionality to stairs. You can create a Victorian look or even a modern look to a room with spiral stairways. These are increasing in popularity among home owners.

Split Stairways

Split stairways offer a great deal of versatility in styles. There are virtually endless methods that you can split stairways to create unique and modern styles for your home. They are great for appearance and make maneuvering the stairs much easier for many residents.

Slanted Stairways

Many people select the traditional stairways that are simply slanted. They do not have spirals, shapes or splits but a single row of stairs going from point a to point b. These are also great for homes and look attractive while maximizing use of space.

Wooden Stairway Coverings

Wooden stairway coverings are extremely versatile and can be changed when you change the décor of your home. You can use runners, carpeting, center tiling and more.

The choices for how much of the wooden stairways to cover and what to cover them with are extremely large. You can literally change the appearance of wooden stairways in an afternoon by changing the types and amount of coverage on the stairways.

Custom Wooden Stairways

Many manufacturers that specialize in stairways will offer customized wooden stairways. You can work with their designers to create the perfect wooden stairway for your home.

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