Making Wooden Storage Shelves

How much stuff do you have? Unless you are the completely against clutter and routinely throw your belongings that you do not want or need out then the likelihood is that you have built up quite a collection of bits and bobs over the years.

The problems of storage may well cause issues for you as a result, especially if you are renovating and redecorating your home. As such, you need to look for viable solutions that can ease your storage problems and make your home that little bit tidier. This is why you may want to consider making wooden storage shelves.

Making wooden shelves can be incredibly beneficial for you for any number of reasons. For example, wooden shelves can easily fit into any given room because they can be tailored to suit your colour scheme and design motifs. This is important because you do not want to ruin an effect that you have worked hard to achieve in the first place just because you have belongings that do not necessarily fit anywhere else. In addition to that, they are also cheap and relatively easy to make. Unlike designer cabinets and storage boxes, you can look into making wooden storage shelves on any given budget.

Practical and economical, making storage shelves can utilize every spare inch of space that you have in your home, but exactly how do you go about making them in the first place? After all, it has to be more complex than simply choosing a plank of wood and cutting it to fit in a certain set of measurements right? Wrong; it really is that easy.

Making Your Storage Shelves

First of all, you will need to measure the areas in which you want to install wooden storage shelves, especially if they are alcoves or other such areas that have a specific diameter and depth. When buying wood from which to make your wooden storage shelves, you will need to make sure that it exceeds these measurements by at least 2”.

You will also need a high quality electric saw and sander to make sure that the finish is as good as possible. Finally, you will need a good quality varnish. When you have these tools available, follow these steps:

• Re-measure the place in which the shelves are to be installed. Use these second measurements to mark the piece of wood to be used for the shelf in pencil. Double check the markings before moving onto the next step.

• Use the saw to careful cut parallel to the pencil line, leaving approximately a centimetre more wood than necessary in order for the shelves to fit.

• Use the sander to sand the wood down to the pencil line. Make sure it is completely even before measuring the shelves again. If the edge is uneven then you may want to use fine sanding paper to achieve a smooth edge rather than the sander just n case you take too much off.

• Finally, brush away all of the debris and varnish the shelf completely before leaving to dry for 24 hours. After that, you can put your shelves up using metal or wooden brackets.

As you can see, making wooden shelving is relatively easy and takes just a few moments. You can have your shelving up within 24 hours and improve your storage space no end.

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