The Top Woodworking Power Tools

Whether you're a part-time home handyman or a fully professional tradesman, owning and using the right tools for the job is essential. It's so frustrating to begin a task and either not have the correct tool or to find that it's in need of repair. It means starting over or not finishing the job at all. Woodworking power tools are found in the arsenal of many a home handyman.

There's something incredibly gratifying about taking a piece of lumber and turning it into a practical element in the home or garage, either to hold up a wall or to embellish the front of an entertainment unit. Woodworking power tools are on the wish list of every red-blooded male, and some conscientious females too, and some are more coveted than others.

1. Planes

No, I'm not referring to the kind that you sit on for hours on end and eat from tiny trays. Handplanes are one of the most popular woodworking power tools because they are inexpensive in comparison to more serious tools, and yet they perform some essential tasks. Their job is to make a piece of wood flatter and ultimately smoother than it was to begin with. Planes can also be used to trim small measures of wood from a main piece such as the bottom off a door when new, thicker carpet has been installed.

2. Jigsaws

A jigsaw starts out as a fun addition to the woodworking power tools collection and turns into a highly useful surprise. It cuts wood and can be used for many creative projects such as fashioning MDF boards into furniture, making embellishments for cabinets or cutting out shapes like letters of the alphabet. Jigsaws are excellent tools for beginners who are learning how to work with wood.

3. Circular saws

It may seem heavy and cumbersome but you need a heavy-duty machine that can cut through serious pieces of wood. If you're going to do a job properly, you need good woodworking power tools that will help you apply a professional touch, even if you are only doing things for yourself in the confines of your own home. Circular saws require some practice to get used to the way they work but they quickly become a vital part of the toolbox.

4. Power drills

Cordless or corded, power drills make life very easy for the home handyman. As one of the woodworking power tools that don't actually cut wood, it still serves an essential purpose. Hand-drilling is often not as precise as that done with a power tool, especially if the person is inexperienced. While cordless models are convenient and easy to manoeuvre, the corded ones offer more versatility because they offer variable speeds and better continuity because of the ongoing power supply.

5. Electric sanders

You'll use sanders for a variety of jobs and the kind of result will determine the kind of sander you employ. Stripping paint, sanding back to bare wood, restoring delicate old furniture and finishing a surface are all examples of different tasks that would all require a different kind of sander. There are random orbital, finishing, belt and angle sanders and you need to use the right one to tackle each kind of task.

6. Routers

Woodworking power tools wish lists for beginners usually include a stationary or a plunge router. Adding shapes and form to an edge of timber lends a cool tool dimension to a newbie's collection and he can show off semi-professional results in no time.

All woodworking power tools should be used with respect and due care and caution. Even the most experienced woodworkers take precautions and use gloves, protective glasses and aprons. Don't become a statistic; have fun but be careful too.