Woodworking Router Accessories

There are many different types of woodworking router accessories available on the market today. Woodworking is an exciting hobby and skill to acquire. Having just the right accessories can make projects easier and more fun. Below are some woodworking router accessories that you might find useful.

Magnetic Featherboard

Typically you need to use two featherboards on your woodworking router. However, there is now available on the market a Magnetic Featherboard that prevents the need for two featherboards at the same time. They grip tightly and are held to the router through magnetism.

Bead Stile and Rail Router Bit Set
Stile and rail router bits for beautifully crafted frames. Top quality bits that meet the demands high precision Woodworking and Hardware.

These bits are used for making tightly fitting cabinet doors and frames, and also picture frames, but can be used for many other types of projects as well.

The online woodworking store Rockler's is one of the few places I've seen them.

Bead Stile and Rail Router Bit Set

Bead Stile and Rail Router Bit Set

Miter Jig

A miter jig is an extremely handy woodworking router accessory to have for woodworking projects. Miter jigs are great for holding small parts and routing accurately. They can be used on many various projects.

Gripper Mats

Gripper mats are very useful to help you with routing projects. Using a washable gripper mat will decrease the use of vices and grips while completing projects. They are easy to clean and many are even mold and mildew resistant meaning you will have prolonged use of them.

Router Bench Pad

You can use gripper mats under a router bench pad. The bench pad is great for securing wood pieces for routing. It is durable and cleans easily.

Circle Jigs

There are projects that a perfect circle cut would be wonderful. It can be time consuming to set the wood pieces up and mark them for cutting and routing.

These jigs for woodworking router accessories are excellent to save you both time and hassle. They are great for routing cut-outs for projects or even radii on projects. The circle pins will give you precision and accuracy for these types of projects.

Mortising Hinges Accessory

Often you need to hang door and it can be awkward and difficult if you do not have someone assisting you. Mortising hinge ABS templates and their matching aluminum rails are the perfect solution for this problem!

The assemblies can be adjusted to allow perfect router cuts for center radii and straight cuts. This is definitely one woodworking router accessory that no carpenter wants to be without.

Pin Router Arm

Pin routing can be a very complicated process if you do not have a pin router arm. Pin routing is excellent for making duplicate templates as well as creating inlaying work that is needed on woodworking projects.

Typically pin router arms were available only for commercial use. The good news is that several companies now market pin router arms for the general public and at much more affordable rates than the commercial models of this woodworking router accessory.

Router Bit Jack

A router bit jack can save you both time and trouble. It is excellent for making height adjustments for your projects to ensure better precision and accuracy when you use your router. The jack provides quick and accurate adjustments.

You can even purchase a router bit jack that comes with a foot pedal to make quick adjustments without using your hands.

Woodworking router accessories are wonderful to help with your projects, save you time and to ensure accuracy and precision. They vary in price from store to store but all are well worth the investment.