Wood Working Hand Tool Sets

Hand-made woodwork is one of the most pleasing craftsmanship works around. It takes much effort, mastering of exacting skills, and precision handworking to produce the beautiful results many take for granted. As times change, skilled tradespeople are not available in sufficient numbers to provide this beautiful woodwork. More and more people are leaning towards designer and custom made products.

Even simple wood work projects often involve several tools these days. Wood working hand tools are needed to carve and turn plain wood into beautiful figures, designs and handicraft products, which of course, machines can never reproduce.

Hand Tool Sets

Wood working hand tools are the basic tools needed despite the fact that advanced machines and equipment make the job far easier and faster. But when it comes to producing authentic product closest to nature itself; you need to get a good wood working hand tool set for that.

Deluxe Hobby Tool Set
You're ready to start making miniatures and models, carving, whittling and more with this great set on hand.

Deluxe Hobby Tool Set

Deluxe Hobby Tool Set

A simple set would include wood carving tools, woodturning tools, handsaws, measurement tools, and so on. A more elaborate one would have all of them, such as

  • carving hand tools
  • chisels
  • dowel jigs
  • electronic hand tools
  • wood turning tools
  • hammers and mallets
  • handsaws
  • marking and measuring tools
  • plane scrapers and rasps
  • screw driving tools
  • squares
  • veneering tools.

Carving tools are some of the most familar wood working hand tools, since carving itself is one of the most well-known wood work methods. Carving produces the handiwork seen on plaques, bowls and saucers, photo frames, mirror frames, wooden boxes, decorative eggs, wooden bangles, wooden balls, wooden fruits and vegetables, vases and pots, toys, beads, candle holders and many more.

Carving Tools

Some necessary hand tools which are needed for carving include a caliper tools set, finger guards, palm carving knives, hand drill and orbiters, glue remover, power grip tools, chisels, blade, blade sharpener, trimmer, and many more.

Electronic wood working hand tools do not refer to the highly advanced power tools that require safety use and so on. This basically refers to the simple hand tools such as crosscut saws, tray sets, clamps, radio hearing protector, mini drills and so on.

Handsaws, on the other hand, have nothing to do with power tool products. Some of the tools that fall under this wood working hand tool range would be the offset saws, deep-cut saws, dove-tail saws, panel saws, and others. These saws do not use electric power and are operated by hand.

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