Woodworking Workshop Equipment

Working with wood calls for a minimum amount of equipment that you really cannot do without. Whether you are interested in woodworking merely for enjoyment or with the idea of someday turning your avocation into a full-fledged, moneymaking venture, here are some woodworking workshop equipment must-haves to get you started in the right direction.

Hand Tools

Hand tools make up a portion of woodworking workshop equipment needed by beginners and professionals alike. None of these items cost a great deal of money, but their usefulness in working with work is immeasurable. For nearly any project these items will be put to good use:

A claw hammer, speed square, tape measure, utility knife, set of chisels, a short and long level, sliding bevel, different-sized nail sets, and a small block plane. These items are definitely tools that every woodworker needs to have in his or her tool chest.

Power Tools

Power tools make up another important segment of woodworking workshop equipment. Of course, power tools are going to cost considerably more than hand tools, but once you begin almost any significantly sized project, you will quickly realize just how much real time and serious effort power tools can save you.

Although there is a world of power tools on the market that entice the professional and amateur woodworker alike, these seven are the most essential: circular saw, power drill, jigsaw, compound miter saw, random orbital sander, table saw, and router. With these seven power tools, you may not be able to do any and every project you may aspire to doing, but you can accomplish quite a number of projects, and for a beginner, having these tools on hand can get you off to a great start.

Safety Equipment

In addition to the above-mentioned hand and power tools, safety products must also be considered a critical part of your woodworking workshop equipment. Working without safety equipment cannot only keep you from seriously hurting yourself, it may even save your life.

  • Safety glasses prevent dust, debris, and harmful liquids you may be using from getting into your eyes.
  • Earplugs or earmuffs protect your hearing from loud power tools.
  • Respirators and/or facemasks keep dust, dirt, and toxic fumes from entering your airways.
  • Wearing a face shield in addition to safety glasses or goggles prevents harm to your face and can always be flipped up when not needed.

Other items that do not fall under the category of safety equipment but are still important to keep yourself out of harms way include what you wear. Long-sleeved shirts, steel-toed shoes, and work aprons all play a part in keeping you not only cleaner, but safer, as well.

Acquiring all the woodworking workshop equipment you may ever want or feel you need probably means a lifetime endeavor. And to tell the truth, part of the fun of being a woodworker lies in the acquisition of new toys offered periodically by manufacturers of such products. But for those wishing to simply get started, the items listed above will certainly do the trick!

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