Wrought Iron Lighting Pendant

Many people think of wrought iron as a rather rough, rustic material, suitable only for outdoor furniture, fencing, or tools. But artisans skilled at working with this metal have created some surprisingly refined, elegant-looking pieces that work wonderfully in the most sophisticated homes.

Lighting made with wrought iron is one home accent that has caught the attention of designers and decorators across the country and is proving to be quite a sensation. If you find the appeal of a wrought iron lighting pendant to your liking, here are a few places you can shop to find the perfect one to suit your needs.

Where to Buy

Lamp Central Classics features a selection of 15 from their wrought iron lighting pendant group that range in price from $80 to around $700. The $80 pendant light, Roma II, hangs 24 inches from the ceiling and is 16 inches wide, including the scavo glass shade. The iron is elegantly scrolled in S-like shapes that mirror one another on four sides, culminating at the bottom with the handsome glass shade.

The $700 Richmond features much thicker wrought iron and is larger overall, descending 32 inches when hung and spanning 20 inches to encase an alabaster glass shade. The other wrought iron pendants at Lamp Central Classics offer the same sense of style and tasteful elegance as these within an assortment of designs sure to please the most discriminating.

LaJolla Lighting at offers lighting for those to whom price is not an issue. At this stylish, pricey online retailer, you can find a wrought iron light pendant for as low as around $62, but this is not the norm and the difference in what you get for what you spend becomes painfully apparent as you browse through some of their higher-priced, exquisitely breathtaking offerings. Most of the wrought iron pendant lighting at LaJolla range in the $1200 to $2000 price range with the Casa Di Campagna topping the list at $2860.

For homeowners wishing to have an almost unbelievable selection of styles and designs from a host of major designers like Murray Feiss, Hubbardton Forge, Troy, Nulco, R.A.M., and more, there is probably not a better place on the Net than Lighting Universe . In just their wrought iron lighting pendant group, you can select from 1,477 classic bowl pendants, 695 foyer lights, 1,499 pendants larger than 12 inches, 1,956 pendants smaller than 12 inches, and multi-light pendants. This is a site for those who love to shop and adore going through pages and pages of every imaginable pendant light on the market (the site features all kinds of pendants, not only those made from wrought iron).

Wrought Iron New Look

These three Web sites should get you off to a great start to find the wrought iron lighting pendant of your desires. So why wait? There is no time like the present to find out more about wrought iron lighting, and to throw away all those old ideas about it being rustic.

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